Tuesday, November 16, 2010


     So my tickets are booked, my shots have been taken, and my visa arrived in the mail today. What does this all mean?... I'm going to India!!!

     Also, I can happily say that I'm planning a day trip to London (England not Ontario) to do lunch with Marla (my cousin).

     Random thoughts running through my head: I'm glad my visa came in the mail today, as I don't know how I would have asked Marla to couch serf with her for two months (my tickets are non-refundable, and without an Indian visa I would only be able to enter England). Either that or I would have been living a Tom Hanks role! I'm pretty excited to shave, even though it'll only be a clean shaven look for about 2 days while I travel. My knees, feet, thighs and back all hurt from my walk, leading me to believe that it wasn't such a good idea to tease people older than me when I was young. Beware of what you think will never happen to you!


  1. Ahhhhhh - wisdom sometimes comes at a high price. My guess on the reason your body is killing you after your long walk is that you didn't have good walking shoes on...another life lesson ----

    I'm very glad that you're going to shave for your air travels --- believe me -- it definitely WILL make your life 1000% easier going through those security and customs lines.

    Your life is getting more exciting by the minute.........as always, LOVE YOU MORE!!!!

    Hugs MoM

  2. Sounds like things are now moving along rather quickly! I'm happy to hear you'll have a chance to visit with Marla. Keep the posts coming. Love Aunty Paula