Thursday, November 25, 2010


It dawned on me this morning that change is a necessity. I mean, if we're not growing we're dying right? I know the sentiment is simplistic and rather bleak, but that's the part about this trip that really frightens me in a way I've never felt before. I left Chicago, my home, my jobs, my friends... everything I know has been put away for now to accommodate this journey. I think that's what really scars me the most. When it comes down to it I don't know what to expect in India - I could love it or hate it. I'm there for 2 months. That includes Christmas, New Years, and my 30th birthday. That's a lot to spend alone in a country I've never been that happens to be located half way around the world.

But that's the best part about it. I DON'T know, and that's great. How boring is it to know exactly what is going to happen. Maybe it's reckless. Maybe it's crazy. Maybe it's immature. But the closer this trip gets the more it really feels like a true life adventure. And when was the last time that any of us really had one? I feel like the word itself seems reserved for children, yet it is one of the most beautiful things we have in life. Why not go explore? I can't stop smiling.

Life rule that I will always live by: always chase happiness, and don't shy away from something because of fear. It's really stupid of me to be doing this. I should be saving money, finishing school, and acting/living "normal." But I'm not normal and I love that. I love that I have found the courage to chase what it is that makes me happy. Maybe it won't make me happy 10 years from now. But it makes me happy now. Why wait to be happy?

Random things running through my head right now: Canada isn't all as cold as most people (non Canadians) think it is - at least not in southern Canada where most people live... Friends should be made for life; we should surround ourselves with only the best people, otherwise what's the point of wasting our time with it?.. I own more clothes than most teenagers, but I am quite satisfied living out of my backpack for a month.

Bob Marley died of cancer. They discovered it when he hurt his toe playing soccer in Jamaica and the wound was slow to heal. Because he was Rastafarian Marley could not simply amputate as they (Rastafarians) do not believe in altering the body. As a result Marley got progressively more sick. He visited a specialist in Germany who performed a skin graph, but at that point the cancer's severity had increased drastically, and with it so too did Marley's health decline; it became readily apparent that Marley was on his deathbed. He boarded a plane to return to Jamaica, his homeland, to die.

As the story goes Marley got violently ill on the flight, and the plane was forced to land in Miami. One of the passengers accompanying Marley was his son, Ziggy. Reportedly the last thing Marley said, and said to his son, was "money can't buy time."

Just remember that next time you put something off or decide not to do something. It's not to say we should do whatever we want whenever we want. But the great thing about money is that you can always get more of it.


  1. Yes, what you are doing is courageous Kyle. I don't know too many people who would do what you are doing. I think you come by it honestly...think about your mother's life. I also like your idea of surrounding yourself with the best people. Uncle Dan's grandfather used to always say, "hang out with people who are better than you." It can only make you a better person.

    I think it's time to start counting down...
    All my love. Aunty Paula

  2. Kyle,

    What a great post. You are so full of wisdom and it's a pleasure to learn from you. I'm a true believer in following happiness - whatever that may be. Live your life to the fullest because who knows what may happen tomorrow. That's exactly what you're doing and I LOVE it. Good for you :) Even though you will be gone during some important dates, just know that we will all be thinking about you - a LOT!
    Wish I could come with ya!!!

  3. Hi Kyle:

    WOW - another amazing post full of very mature insight - when did you get SO smart...? By the time you read this it will be just a mere few days before your adventure exciting. You are totally prepared, physically, mentally and spiritually! Not knowing (or worrying about) what the future holds - that is a good thing. And, spending your 30th birthday in India will be one birthday you will never ever forget.

    I loved your insights about friends - we don't need 100's of friends (as some people show on Facebook) - just a few true ones that are always there for us. That's when you know you're blessed and having a rich life. Nonna used to always say "show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are" - a good motto to embrace.

    I look forward to talking to you early next week.

    Happy dreams --- love you more!

    xoxo MoM

  4. I am JUST about to leave to pick you up from the airport and I am SOO excited to see you!!! I felt I had to get some last minute juice from your blog, and sure enough, it is great!!

    I hope you can continue to blog while you are away!!!

    See you in a few!