Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blog update!

     From now on I've decided to include two things in each blog post: A new rule that I will live by always (and recommend that others do as well), as well as a "things running through my head right now" section. I figure both of these will add some allure to keep my dedicated followers interested.

    Also, please do not discuss the Leafs with me. It is a great thing being back in Ontario, and it has afforded me the opportunity to see many, if not every, Maple Leaf game on TV. The problem is that I now know that this is a BAD thing. I now understand that my life can be prolonged if I can avoid this Blue-and-White addiction I seem to have. So please, do not mention my "problem" and life should be better!

1 comment:

  1. The good news (maybe?) is that you won't be able to follow the Leafs when you're in India - although knowing you, if there's a way to do this you'll find it!

    Go Leafs --- Go Kyle --- as always, I LOVE YOU MORE!

    xoxo MoM