Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Closing in on adventure

     So as my trip looms closer and closer I have started to get things done. I visited the internationally acclaimed metropolis of Sarnia on Friday to get my shots. What surprised me most were two things: that my shots and immunizations were actually CHEAPER than I had anticipated (God bless Ontario health care!); and that for someone who has multiple tattoos I am not a big fan of needles. In fact, one of the shots actually kinda really hurt. It was a good thing that the physician that administered the shots was quite attractive. Which leads me to...

     Life rule #1: Always get shots/tattoos/things-that-might-be-painful administered by either an attractive woman or a man. What I realized, while receiving my shots, was that having an attractive woman administer them kept me from complaining/crying/showing pain. Had it been a man this would have occurred as well. I'm sure most of you wonder why this is, and it is because I do not want to lose face in front of these people. If I am ever faced with the situation of an unattractive woman (hideous in all and any ways) administering such a treatment there's a good possibility of crying and complaining.

     Things running through my head right now: I can't believe that it already snowed here, though it does feed the Great White North stereotype quite nicely. The "library" in "town" (20 minute walk) is open Tuesday and Thursday from 3-8 and Saturday from 10-noon - a little change of pace from the big city life. Doing ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is a HUGE project. There's no running to the corner store. So going to Bombay will be great, even if I can't understand what the dude at the bodega is saying to me. Also, "bodega" is a real word (according to Yahoo spell check), which makes me a little more happy.

     There's not much more to do, other than book my flight and pray a little more (which we all should do!). I'm just looking forward to getting on with this trip that seems to have been looming for ever now. 


  1. Dear Kyle:

    I LOVE the title "Closing in on adventure" - sounds like you are SO READY!!!!! And, small towns DO have their charm (in ways that make you slow down AND breath!) Life is always good - wherever you may find yourself. I look forward to speaking with you in the next few days ---- I do have some commitments going on the rest of the week - my manager is coming to town to meet with me all day tomorrow, Thursday night I'm going to see the author of "Three Cups of Tea" Greg Mortenson - actually a book you would really enjoy - I'll buy it for you if you'd like (let me know) and Friday morning I have another manager's meeting until about noon --- however - we'll find time to talk I'm sure.

    The only thing stopping you now is fear and that monster you can tame --- sweet dreams - talk soon!

    As always, LOVE YOU MORE!

    xoxox MoM

  2. Kyle, I chuckle reading your blog as I visualize your life in the "Great White North" compared to your life in the "Windy City". When you add India into the mix you will be living the definition of culture shock! I look forward to reading about what is going through your head as well as learning about your rules to live by. All my love. Aunty P

  3. Kyle,

    I love your blog. SO true about the shots/needles/tattoos! I never realized that but it actually makes so much sense!
    I look forward to your blog post to lighten up my day!