Monday, November 15, 2010

3 hours, 38 minutes.

     One of the things on my Port Franks list was to walk to Grand Bend. I knew the trip was around 16 km, and thought about my walk from home to Sears in Chicago. The walk there was about 4 3/4 miles, and took me about 70 minutes to complete. So by that measure this walk, 10 miles or so, should take me about 2 1/2 hours.
      Before I left my old man asked me if I had coin change, just in case I changed my mind and wanted to call him for a ride. I assured him that I would be fine. None the less we agreed that if indeed I did need a ride I would call him between 2:45 and 3:15.
      The walk did not take me 2 1/2 hours. And just as bad there hadn't been much to see...

     I did see this cool looking dude:

      By the time I reached the No Frills grocer (located on the outskirts of town)  I was hobbled, tired, and looking desperately for a pay phone. It was 3:10 - I had been walking for 3 hours and 38 minutes! Luckily I found one across the street, but when I reached it and attempted my call I was mortified to realize that not only was I calling home in defeat, but that it would cost me $4.65 to do so!
      At this point I was convinced that though my day started with highly esteemed intentions it was going to end in not such a positive way. But as I sat in the phone booth I decided  I was not going to pay such an outrageous fee. I limped over to the store (the only store) with the plan of asking for another pay phone, inferring that the one in the parking lot did not work. My hope was that the store clerk would offer to let me use either his/her phone or the store's line. the nice lady behind the counter was apparently unaware of this plan, as she not only divulged the location of the next nearest pay phone, but also the other one in town.
      So I bought some sweets in order to get the proper $4.65 in coin change to make my white flagged call. After a long struggle with the phone I realized that that particular phone only accepted coins as large as quarters. But having given in to the idea of paying the absorbent amount and securing a ride I tried to use my credit card.
      The phone didn't ring. My card was rejected - or so I thought. It is that I had been dialing the number improperly (that it needed the "519" but not the "1" in front of it). the call only cost me a quarter! And, as I stood there thankful for my good fortune I noticed the sign literally across the street announcing that I was actually IN Grand Bend. I had made it! The phone even gave me back the quarter I used to make the call!
     When my father picked up I was relieved. He mentioned to me that he had finished working around the house and could leave to pick me up at that very moment. I thanked him, but since my fortune had obviously changed said that I would meet him 2 hours later at the library in town.
      As it turns out the library here in town has strange hours...

       So I had to sit in the parking lot, which is where I make this blog entry...

     Why do I tell this story? Well...

     Life rule to now live by: Check into things before you do them, and even if it ends poorly take the good out of it. Maybe I should have checked how far it actually was to Grand Bend (12.5 miles). Or maybe I should have walked a little more before venturing out. Or maybe I should have looked into the library hours ahead of time. No matter what I look at the good stuff from today: I got another one of the five things on my list done, I made a free phone call, and I spent the day out in the sun! Can life get any better?! 


  1. Well, well Kyle --- sounds like you're having the opportunity to have all kinds of 'life lessons' for free - aren't you fortunate? Seriously, you ARE fortunate in many ways - I love your resolve to always take the good out of the negative - that's really the ONLY way to live. And life is just getting better and better for you!

    I will be sending your envelope some time this week and would also like to send a small box to you @ Neal's address. Can you e-mail it to me next time you're near a computer?

    Until your next (amazing!) post, LOVE YOU MORE!!

  2. P.S. WOW - I can't believe how fast you've grown your beard --- I'm still trying to get used to it!!!!

  3. Oh Kyle! I really enjoyed walking to Grand Bend with you (I had the good fortune of doing it in my head)! Your attitude about looking at the good side of things is something I try to do too. By doing so, everything doesn't seem so bad.

    I understand that you bought your plane ticket. Before you know it India will be a reality. Looking forwad to your next adventure. All my love Aunty Paula

  4. Kyle,

    I love following along with you on your adventures! I loved the picture of your walk..not a whole lot to see until that sculpture! So random!
    You truly do see the cup half full and I admire that!

    I have taken the initiative and planned out your next walking adventure...
    LONDON! Its only 43.32 miles away! With the practice you had walking to Grand Bend you will be all set for a trek here...see you in 5 days!

  5. Helina... I'm somewhere in a field, but I'm on my way! I'll be the one sending up smoke signals and yelling "Marco"... =)