Wednesday, November 7, 2012

return to the home of my heart

At British Airways, like many airlines, employees earn flight benefits after six months of service to the company. My DOJ (Date of Joining) way May 7th, 2012, making my benefits kick in on November 7th. But since everything in the company runs on Zulu (London) time, I gained access to flights at 7pm on Nov 6th. What that translated to is that I got to see the sun rise this morning over the Atlantic ocean.

Upon arriving in Paris, one of the first things that I encountered was a modern impression. It was a stark reminder of someone special back home, and gave me an immediate new twist on a city I am just beginning to know...

But of course - as it always is - it was the first time that I espied mon p'tit chou (the Eiffel Tower)) that my heart truly fluttered and reminded me that yes, I was indeed in Paris!

One of the neat things about returning to a city rather than being introduced to a city is that things become to become familiar. From Paris to the Moon introduced me to this establishment, but it was seeing it with my own eyes and recognizing it that made the city truly set in. It also fostered the feeling of knowing, that somehow recognizing something without actualy knowing it makes it that much more warm...

I was also treated with this wonderful truc, yet another reminder that though I thought - naively of course - that I knew all the city that indeed Paris is ony beginning to open up to me.

And of course my night ended with my little cabbage in the best garden of Paris.

And though I do not know that this is where I belong, It was a feather found that reinforced my love for this city.

I am beyond lucky to be becoming a dreamer.

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  1. WOW! So thrilled for you that you're back in Paris I KNOW how much your heart belongs there. Have a great time - (loved all the pics!) I'll keep checking your blog for updates.
    Love yoy!!!!!!