Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Paris, how you never cease to amaze me

Even a continent and numerous time zones away, I still find reminders of home. These two, par example, could be spot on representations of my roommates, though in essence and not in appearance as neither appears to be Hispanic.

But really what catches my eye here in the City of Lights is how the ordinary is quite extraordinary.

A building covered in growth and life resides in a usual spot next to the sidewalk as all the other buildings do...


a simple possibly stolen Egyptian monument is nice to look at,

but gains so much more cool when it is discovered that it helps to tell time as well.

And while great feats of strength and balance occur at every level of the city,

it is the sings simply French that make Paris unique all on its own.

**NOTE: if anyone may know why the French qwerty keyboard is only slightly different I would LOVE to know. I only assume it is because it is French, and therefore the French must do things their own way - even if it may not have sense to the rest of the world**


If you hqve ever used q french keyboqrd you zould soon reqliwe hoz vqstly different it is, even though there qre only q fez keys thqt qre out of plqce, so to speqk: It took ,e q solid " ,inutes to find zhere the qpostrophy zqs locqted:::

I also discovered the predecessor to Air France...

and was reminded that Paris is a town that makes everything feel sexy.

Even the cars here share kisses...

Perhaps the most comforting thing to discover here is that though I may sometimes think it, I am clearly not the only one in the world with Paris on his mind...

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  1. As expected another AMAZING read - WOW you write with such flare I really feel as though I'm there. I like seeing Paris through your eyes!
    Love yoy!