Friday, November 9, 2012

Forgetting the norms...

The first two trips I took, the first to India and the Second to London and Paris, I had made reservations for my first two nights abroad. I did so as even though i prefer to travel and explore by the seat of my pants I was totally out of my element to begin both trips. So by having reservations to stay, if even for a few nights, it allowed me the piece of mind to begin my journeys with an ease of mind.

But since I was returning to Paris and somewhat familiar with the city I decided against making reservations. I figured it as simply as I would be able to find something, and since I had stayed at three different hostels the last time I knew where and how much I would be able to find lodging.

After glancing at to get an idea on pricing I discovered that two of the three hostels - Hotel Caulaincourt and Aloha - were still as expensive (relative of course) as they had been in the summertime, each about 30 euros. But alas! my favourite hostel, the 3 ducks, was showing beds available (to my surprise) at 18-23 euros per night.

When I walked up to the hostel I immediately understood why there were so few reservations made...  

Though my trip didn't start out quite as I had envisioned it, a quaint cafe (as all seem to be in Paris) calmed my nerves and reminded me that everything was going to be ok.

The raw beauty of the city also helped to inspire an inner calm and remind me that Paris is quite magnificent, even when you don't have a place to lay your head figured out.

Somewhere along the way I passed by this treasure, and in my ignorance I wanted to poke my head inside and ask exactly what it was that was offered there. 

Ultimately I decided not to, fearing that I would not be able to deal with the likely disappointment that they do not serve fries poutine...

Ever curious how French Paris is?...

... Paris is so French that even it's windows have mustaches...'s automatic doors are elegant and sleek...

...and it is perhaps the only place in the world where Indiana is considered chic.

Yet Parisiennes also keep a focus upon that which is perhaps most important:


The city is also quite aptly nicknamed, as even construction equipment is dressed to fit in with the city of lights.

... for everything else in the city reminds just how magical the city of lights is.

So I sat to have my favourite dinner: a bottle of wine, baguette and cheese. All I really needed to do was open my eyes to the beauty I am immersed in...


  1. Ah sounds intoxicating! Happy and beautiful days you deserve it after hard these last 6 months..... Love yoy!