Saturday, April 14, 2012

An open-ended letter to no one

I think what I find the most difficult about being creative - whether it is writing or taking pictures or whatever it may be - is the feeling like I cannot fully represent what it is that I feel inside. I would venture to argue that each one of us has had that moment where we were filled with awe and inspiration and beauty abounded yet we struggled to portray that to others. Maybe it's a loved one that you never can quite explain how much you love them, or a really serene feeling in the park that you can't quite capture on film. Whatever it may be, it is the struggle of each and every one of us; to let someone into our minds and share the beauty of things as we experience them is the most daunting of tasks.

I don't believe that artists see things differently than anyone else. I don't believe that their imaginations run more wild than yours or mine, nor that they are able to sense things in a different way. I simply believe that those who are gifted in the arts - whether it be written, visual, movement, sound, whatever - are simply able to let the beauty out of themselves to share with others. True geniuses are able to paint or draw or sing or write things that we ourselves feel or see or hear or think. The people that inspire and amaze me the most are those that are able to speak to me.

This is where I struggle most. How is it I can share happiness? How can anyone share something which comes from within rather than being given? I find myself almost crippled with the weight of self-disappointment that I so rarely am able to communicate the beauty that lives within my head.

I have decided to focus on simplicity. Too often have I allowed the enormity of what exists in my mind attempt to come rushing out all at once, and as a result it has often jumbled and confused the message that I want to share. 

So here's the deal: From now on this blog, as you read it now, will no longer be the complicated and meaty one that it too often has been. It will instead be simple. I will share what makes me smile, and I hope that it will inspire you to smile too.

Thank you as always for spending your time reading my words.

Sincerest of regards,


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