Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Parisian foods that nourish and amaze

Before I even arrived in Paris I was told by more than one person that the food there was not very good. Eating there, they said, was the one disappointment that Paris offered. In fact, so many people made mention of thoughts similar to this that I actually began to believe it, fearing that my time spent there would be unfulfilled (pun intended).

They were wrong. Now I couldn't afford to eat in restaurants often. Really, I only ate in a restaurant once, and it was a 15 Euro meal at 1am.

The majority of my meals cost pennies on the dollar by comparison. The very first thing that I treated myself to was a crepe filled with Nutella.


But my days were filled with bread and cheese. Every morning I would start my day off with a fresh croissant... But it was the inexpensive and mind blowing fresh baguettes and cheeses that rocked my world...

I had to have a little quiche...

...and of course some corn grilled in a shopping cart...

I actually was lucky enough to meet friends that actually cooked for me (this is Momo. More on him later...) The meal was a salad with 2 types of cheese, corn, chicken, lettuce, homemade dressing, pan fried potatoes, and TLC. Might have been my best meal in Paris!

One night leaving Momo's I did have some serious Paris street food, and though expensive was super bon!

And a deep fried Mouretarde hot dog?! OUT OF CONTROL!

Sometimes I mixed in some fruit...

... but it was mostly when spending time with friends...

And just when I thought it weird that I ate bread every day, it was lines like these that reinforced the fact that people in Paris are also aware how great the food is (well, at least the bread for sure!)

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  1. Mmmmm.....I'm hungry just looking (and thinking about) the food - I, too, especially remember all the fabulous cheese I ate when I was there ----- did you have many chances to go to the open markets? And, did you happen to try something called raspberry-lavender cake? O-la-la!!!!!!

    xoxoxox MoM