Monday, August 22, 2011


Let me begin this blog posting by repeating in case I wasn't clear...

Before I arrived I wasn't really sure what to expect. I knew that it was Paris, a city of history and rich in culture and flavor. But I really had no idea what to expect. Before I left London I had decided that instead of paying for a hostel on Tuesday night - as I was terrified that I would oversleep and miss my train - I decided to crash yet again (as in India) at the train station.

Everything went fine, but the directions to the bathroom, much like many of the other signs I encountered there, were quite hard to understand...

However I am glad that I took the train...

... and met these awesome people doing a bike trip through France. It was a great way to begin my adventure in Paris.

I really do think that I lucked out as arriving in the city at Gare du Nord was much more majestic than entering it first through the airport. The only thing that kind of sucked was THIS was the first "sight" I was greeted with upon exiting the train station

The only kind of good thing about seeing this "American National Monument" was that it gave me a slight knowing feeling of not being out alone on my own in a completely different place.

Since I didn't book any place to stay my first night in Paris I had to first find an internet cafe - a little tough with my refusal to speak English and my rusty French - then find a hostel. This was my walk that first morning in Paris - all with a 30 lb sack on my back.

It was a far walk. But for the most part I was greatly rewarded, as Paris looks like Paris...

Needless to say... it promises to be a memorable time spent in this city!


  1. More, more - I want more!!!!!! Great pics of Paris - can't wait to read more about your adventures (and misadventures!). Bon vivre!!!

    xoxox Always MoM

  2. Ah mon cherie, Paris est tres belle - j'ais vourez dire que je tres joyeuex pour votre experience! I KNOW my French sucks, but at least I tried!!!!!!

    xoxox Love you more - MoM