Friday, December 31, 2010

Things I miss about India

So as I walked down Lake st. and approached Clark (Click Here to See it!) I began to think about the things I immediately have begun to miss about India. It amazed me how much I included on the list, and to what extremes the differences are. But the first and perhaps most blaring difference was my food choices available. Follow along and enjoy the ride...

Food available for $3.33 American:

     2 double cheeseburgers
     1 small fries
     1 small cup tap water w/ ice

Now what would that be in India you ask? Maybe some pictures would help illustrate. This is what food and drink looks like for Rs. 146:

(*that's 4 masala chai for those keeping track at home)

Yes... All of this food would be the equivalent in cost to the food in Chicago. Look back through the pictures and really think about that - considering even the variety and quality differences as well.

Random things going through my mind right now: I'm really missing my masala chai, but can't wait to go to the grocery store today... it's warmer back in Chicago than I thought it would be, and I realized I've never been chilled more than on the way to and from Delhi... And I met an Indian who spelled Delhi the same way I used to (Dheli). Maybe it's just a hard city to remember how to spell.

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  1. What interesting food adventures Kyle --- while many wouldn't think of eating "street food" (no names mentioned) I like the choices you had - wow! Will you be able to make masala chai - I want to try it when I come visit you in Chicago! I'm sure you're going to become a more amazing cook (better than you are now!) just by your India experiences. Can't wait to be a guest at your table soon!!

    Hope you were able to get your photos developed - I'm really looking forward to seeing them soon.

    Happy memories Kyle - love you more!

    xox MoM