Sunday, December 12, 2010

BMs, STDs, and reading signs in different languages

The longer that I stay in India the more apparent it is that it is a country in which letter groupings are everywhere. We'll start with BM...

I am blessed that I am not the type of person that must take a number two on a regular basis. To be honest, I'm not sure how I would survive if I had to go at a specific time every day. There are times that I have been places where it is NOT a good thing to have to use a restroom. Take, for example, my latest "hotel" room...

I can't imagine ALWAYS having to use this style of toilet. But seeing as I did spend the day and night in this place I was forced to use it once. I am amazed that people can use these; having been pampered with sit down style toilets my entire life it made me appreciate the skill of balance and concentration that a restroom like this demands.

The hotel that said toilet was located in was a meager place, but for Rs 200 a night I couldn't complain. The gentleman at the counter was very friendly, and visited with me for a little bit when he showed me the room...

...but he soon was bored with our conversation, which made it slightly awkward when I was ready to leave and had to wake him.

There are also signs posted everywhere I have visited for something in relation to STDs...

...though I assume it is not the same as what STD means in North America. Perhaps I'm wrong and Indians are just as concerned with sexually transmitted disease as westerners are.

Though I cannot be sure what it is this sign is actually for, I can only take a logical guess. There were other signs which I also could assume they're intended message...

I do not proclaim to be a linguist, but I think this one has to do with hair loss. The only signs that really tripped me out thus far were the ones I saw while I was in Goa...

Who would have thought that Russian would be so prevalent there?

New rule that I will live my life by: The trip there may be cheap, but be prepared for it to be costly to get back. I took a bus from Villupuram (where the train dropped me) to Pondicherry. It only cost Rs 12. It was an amazing way to see the water... I have now been to and in the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. But when I returned to the bus depot I realized that I had no way of telling which of the dozens of busses was the one to get back to from where I came. No one seemed to understand English, and what's worse is the entire area is referred to as Villupuram district (I needed to go to the city). Instead of taking my chances and heading to a far off wrong destination I decided to be safe and take a cab, costing me Rs 900. Though I do not regret going, and the cost was not all that substantial in dollars, it taught me a very valuable life lesson: It may be quick and easy to do it, but it is often much more difficult to be undone. 

Random things going through my head right now: I wonder if all of India is as hot as it is here... Did the creators of "Mike Tyson's Punch Out" base the "Great Tiger" character's head bobbing on actual Inidan people's characteristics, because that would make sense... And is that why I have the slight urge to punch the head bob when a question is answered? (there is NOTHING more aggravating then someone answering your question in what seems to be an affirmative way and then nodding their head in what seems to be a negative way, and vice versa)... I wish I hadn't brought a computer as it weighs 9,000 pounds and there are computers everywhere!.. and my favorite joke when asking for a price (stating that it must cost "9,000 dollars") doesn't work so well here as 9,000 Ruppees is a lot less...  


  1. Just died laughing seeing those random?!?!?!?!?


    Looks like you are having a really wild journey...enjoy every second - the good, the bad AND the ugly!!


  2. How hysterical ---- I was laughing so hard that Harley insisted I read it out loud! Life lesson - don't sit where others have sat (as in UGG toilet places!). Just think of how strong your thigh muscles are going to be! Love the pics, too!

    You are getting SO SMART I can't wait to hear more and more...... Please try to answer my e-mail when you have an opportunity - sooner rather than later :-)

    I agree with Marla - as she so apply put - enjoy the good, the bad and the (VERY) ugly!

    Remember, I love you more! xoxox MoM

  3. Great post Kyle! Can't wait to chat live with you about it all....

    A.L. xxxxx