Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sights and sounds from Chicago

As the days pass and the snow piles get bigger, I find that I am more often than not missing India. Not just the good things - like food, cheapness, colors, etc... - but also the things in which I didn't enjoy while I was there; I miss bartering with people for EVERYTHING; I miss having all sorts of colors and religions and customs everywhere at all times.

Another side effect of this is that because of my trip to India I have begun to pay closer attention to what it is that is here. It is not that India has more to offer (well, a little more history and culture) but that because I've lived in the west for so long, because I have lived in Chicago for a while, these things go unnoticed because they aren't new and different.

So here's some things to compare to India, some thing to enjoy, and some random sights and sounds.

This was the Central station in New Delhi; the main hub of the metro there. It was super busy, and yet it was Saturday afternoon. It greatly differed to what the Lake stop on the Red Line (part of Chicago's "El" train system - the Red line being the major line, and the Lake stop being a major stop in the "Loop") had to offer:

The other day I was actually at that same stop when a young man began to preach about God, Jesus, and the Bible. I was impressed with the guy's tenacity and huevos to make such a speech. But what I found most interesting was the music also being played in the background by another gentleman (they weren't "performing" together)

The best part is that the song is "I can see clearly now." It's hard to hear on the clip, but it was amazing to stand there and here one man sing how "it's gonna be a bright, sunshiny day," while another preached about God. 

The other thing I miss is the "openness" of trains in India. I recorded this clip while on the El. yesterday...

Though it's a serene and beautiful setting, I couldn't help but think how much better it would have looked had I been able to film it through an open door... as I did so often in India...

Everywhere I go I have favorite things that I like to do. Here in Chicago it's skating at The Bean and painting in the park.Yet one of the memories I hold dearest in relation to a location were those open trains - just the feeling that they produced. It is unlike any other I have had.

The other thing I miss is the liveliness of the trains in India. It seems now like the train here is quite mundane... comparison at least

But Chicago is wonderful, and is a means to an ends for me. In the meantime I hope to enjoy the snow!

Random things running through my head: I wish the El. cost the same 12 to 50 cents that the metro trains in India did... I hope that the pair of jeans I bought and brought back from India look OK after I had them sewn and fixed... I'm excited to already have 17,000 words of my book completed, and hope to start editing some of it already written by next week. Also, it's nice to be working again. Makes me feel like a contributor to society and life rather than a drag... Traveling was GREAT, but next time I can wait to incorporate some work wherever I go...


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  2. Hey Kyle --

    What great sounds and colors and observations! I so enjoy your views on your world - I had no idea what a terrific writer you are!!!! Maybe you might want to major in English and teach Creative Writing...?

    It is so much fun to see the world through your eyes - I can't wait to read your book - maybe I can help edit it...?

    Take care and always remember I love you more!

  3. Kyle I love the contrast of sights and sounds you described between the two very different cities. It makes me think about how overwhelming it must feel for people moving to a new location and culture.

    Good luck with your new job. Love Aunty Paula