Friday, December 2, 2011

My new website

So usually I have no good excuse as to why I have been slacking on my blog (and subsequently my personal writing). But today I can honestly and triumphantly say that my website - the very one that has sucked almost all of my attention and kept me from blogging over the last month - is finally done!

Please check it out, and any and all feed back is welcomed and more than appreciated!

Not only is all of the work mine (photos, writing, etc...) but I actually learned how to program in HTML, CSS, and Java Script to design the site. Of course none of this would be at all possible without the numerous hours of conversations, tutorials, and coffees with my friend Dan, to whom I must send an enormous thank you.

NOTE - check out Dan's site...

I hope this will allow me to write a little more and share even more smiles with all that I can!


  1. Cool! Will check it out Kyle...

    A.L xox

  2. The site looks really cool Kyle. I'm glad you got it done in such a short amount of time, and that you enjoyed the web development!

  3. I like the various themes you can explore from the home page. I am sure this took quite some time to do! Gotta love technology :)