Tuesday, May 31, 2011

unleaving love

never have i had another person write on my blog, but when my friend Wendy sent me this story, the story as she experienced it, i knew i was to post it as is. enjoy the beauty of life...

On my drive to work I popped in my Black Keys CD, an older one, about 3 years old. The songs are new to me as I just bought the CD last week. I listened to the third track at least 4 times on the 20 minute drive to the office. I love it, very simple, easy and lovely. “You’re the One . . . the one I adore”. I got a little choked up listening to it, thinking about my own life and how someday I hope to utter those words to that special someone and have those thoughts and feelings equally reciprocated.

As soon as I got to my desk and fired up my computer, I went directly to YouTube and looked for a video of my new favorite song. I posted it to Facebook, wanting to share my morning with my virtual friends. Within minutes of posting, my office phone rang. It was a long time newspaper subscriber who’d been bounced around the building till he was patched through to me. He was a little frustrated at that point, but was thankful he reached the right person that could help him.

It always seems the older people get; the more apt they are to remind you of their age. This particular gentleman was a spry 83 years old. He also mentioned that his wife of 60 years had passed of ovarian cancer suddenly this past November. He claimed he had lost his best friend and didn’t know how he would carry on without her. He missed her so bad it hurt. All this being said with a soft calm voice, not sad. I was smiling ear to ear with tears in my eyes as he shared his story with me. I could relate. My mother passed away not quite two years ago. She was very ill with too many problems to list, including recently being diagnosed with breast cancer. She and dad would’ve celebrated their fortieth anniversary last November. Dad is lonely too. The gentleman apologized for unloading his emotions on me – a complete stranger on the other end of the phone line. I assured him that the story was beautiful and I was happy to listen. We quickly got back on track and took care of his original reason for calling. Before we hung up, he asked if he could tell me a quick story about meeting the love of his life – his wife Sammie. I was touched and anxious to hear his account of the beginning of their lives together.

At a Pascal football game in his senior year of High School, he sat on the bleachers with a couple of his buddies when a beautiful, blonde haired girl caught his eye. There was something special about this girl; the way she carried herself, her long hair, those eyes! He told his buddies he wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to meet her, so he jumped up and followed her and her friends. He lost her in the crowd to never see her again. He was bummed.

Years later and a senior at TCU, he’d given up on finding love. He just figured it wasn’t in the cards for him. While in his last year of college, he made fast friends with a gorgeous girl with short blonde hair. She had had caught his eye in a similar way as the girl from the Pascal game back in high school - those eyes captivated him, she was special. He was excited when he got the opportunity to give her a ride home after a Horned Frogs game one Saturday night. They soon began dating. One day while visiting at her family home, he saw a photo of a beautiful, long-haired blonde girl sitting on a shelf. He asked her who that was. She said, “That’s me!”

He finally found her. They married soon afterwards, nearly five years after he first laid on eyes on her. He adored her for their lifetime together. Mr. Hunt, a complete stranger, has touched my soul today and renewed my faith in everlasting love. BIG SMILES!

The Black Keys ‘You're the One’ lyrics:
When I was 13
My mom said
"Son, you're the one I adore"

Now I'm old and wise
When I see your eyes
You're the one I adore

Will you be true?
Till life is up
Be the one I adore
Oh, you're the one I adore

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  1. Sometimes (no always!) life happens as it's supposed to happen......

    Love you more! MoM